The STU Las Vegas came about for the need for a better setup to accommodate a broad range of studio applications, from Podcasting to Vlogging to Studio recording services and joining local business entrepreneurs in the same room to expand their reach. The Stu Las Vegas will be the medium by which other studios will follow suit. The Stu Las Vegas will join the service industry with high-end audio engineering, You-tube channel distribution, Famous Fizz, Radio Broadcasting and much more. We will grow to be the state of the art facility in the Las Vegas area.

Owner Atom Miller has been a part of the Las Vegas skyline for over 40 years and supports young entrepreneurial development along with ideology for the future.

The Stu Las Vegas is happy to announce our first location located in the heart of the revival of Downtown Las Vegas. We will see you a The Stu. Contact us for me details by calling Matute at 702-521-5545.